“An Acts 1:8 Prayer Challenge”

Commit your church to be called a “House of Prayer” by hosting a weekly Acts 1:8 Prayer Challenge prayer meeting.  Meetings are organized to allow for prayer without ceasing to make a difference in the lives of People, Churches, Hometowns, States, our America, and our World.

Once weekly, a two or three-hour prayer time will be scheduled at each participating church, preferably on a Thursday evening between the hours of 5:30 – 8:30 P.M.  The prayer meeting should be held in the Sanctuary of the church where the altar is open for people to come and kneel for prayer. The prayer meeting should be promoted as a time of personal and Intercessory prayer — a time of kneeling and praying during which two or more people will always be gathered together in prayer — prayer for a God-honoring revival within our churches, hometowns, nations, and world.

Individuals from the Church and community should be encouraged to attend. All are welcomed to come and pray at any time during the scheduled two or three hour-long periods for any length of time they may wish.  The prayer team leaders will also be available to receive written, or verbal prayer requests that will be communicated and then posted to the prayer wall of the church’s online PrayerLink program.

In keeping with Acts 1:8 we at CAA challenge every church and community to surrender to the Holy Spirit and be a witness through prayer for your Jerusalem (your church, hometown, and local county),  Judea (your State), Samaria (the United States of America), and to the end of the earth  (praying for the whole world)

We should all be united in prayer for each geographical area because they are all of critical importance in the eyes of God.  Praying for each one is encouraged simultaneously and consistently. They are of equal value and equal importance to God.

The prayer meeting format and setup:
➢ Time: Weekly on Thursday evenings for two or three hours between the hours of 5:30 – 8:30 PM.
➢ Location: The prayer meeting should be held in the sanctuary of a church, and the altar should be open for people to come and kneel for prayer.
➢ The National Day of Prayer is an annual observance held on the first Thursday of May each year. Each participating church will have their sanctuary open for prayer from noon until midnight.
➢ Wi-Fi with audio and video is a requirement for the meeting setup.
➢ The hosting church is in charge of organizing the meeting. They are to that assure adequate staff members or volunteers are in the positions for the entire two or three hours. The number of Prayer Team Leaders required for each session would be a minimum of two, but the prayer meeting coordinator’s scheduling preferences will determine the actual number needed.
➢ Leaders are to be in place to direct those attending when they enter the church.
➢ Leaders are to provide those attending with printed information that will explain the meeting format, plus the required steps for registering as an Acts 1:8 Prayer Warrior along with directions for how to submit a prayer request.
➢ A sign-up station for first-time prayer warrior registration should be located at the sanctuary entrance — team leader(s) with a computer for registering first-time attendees will be needed.
➢ A team leader should be stationed at a location for accepting written or variable prayer requests from those attending.
➢ The format is low lighting and silence with only the peaceful music video softly playing in the background. The music video will continuedly to play during the whole three-hour meeting. The prayer meeting moderator using a microphone will softly speak the written prayer requests submitted to the prayer team leaders in an abbreviated format.
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➢ All submitted prayer requests are posted online to a web-based prayer wall of the church’s PrayerLink program. All prayer warriors will be accessible to log in at any time of the day or week to the PrayerLink program. When logged in, prayer warriors may view or post a new prayer request or reply to those previously posted by others.
➢ Media advertising within the local community’s newspapers and radio stations should be available for free if requested.
➢ All participating churches will be listed online as a “House of Prayer.” The day and time of the weekly prayer meeting, along with the church’s address will be displayed in the listing. It is a searchable list by either city, state, or church name.
➢ More information and documentation are coming soon!

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