The Cooper-Green Men’s Prayer Group -A Men’s prayer group that has been meeting in Dahlonega, Georgia for the past 50 years every Tuesday at 7 AM. Men in the area, we meet in the fellowship hall of Dahlonega Baptist Church, and you are welcome to come and join us! We are a group of men of the community, Bible-believing praying men of multiple denominations and all ages that believe in the power of prayer. In addition to our commitment to prayer, each week we have a group member, or a guest speaker that delivers a 15–20-minute devotional and/or personal testimony. Men, we welcome and encourage you to join with us for prayer, devotion, fellowship, and coffee on Tuesday mornings in person or on Zoom. NOTE: Each week a Zoom Meeting Login link is posted on the PrayerLink Prayer wall, and emailed to all registered Prayer Partners

Adrian Rogers •
PRAYER: Sermon Overview
Scripture Passage: Romans 8:26-28

As Christians, prayer is our greatest privilege and service, yet it can be our greatest failure. Too often, we don’t have the desire to pray, nor do we know what to pray for. Other times, the enemy interferes to keep us from praying.

Adrian Rogers says, “The devil laughs at our organization and mocks our schemes. He ridicules our good intentions, but he fears our prayers.”