About CAA PrayerLink

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CAA PrayerLink is a FREE web-based program for all churches that are Christ-Centered. Please watch this short six+-minute video that will show and explain how the new CAA PrayerLink program for churches will work.

Linking Churches and Prayer Warriors together in Prayer is our mission. We have a vision for seeing churches so deeply committed to prayer that they are all called and known as a “House of Prayer” just as Jesus himself said they should be – in fact for emphasis He said it three different times in the Scriptures.

CAA’s PrayerLink program provides a simple way for church members and prayer partners to post prayer requests and praise reports to their church’s private Prayer Wall. Your church’s Prayer Wall will be viewable and printable by your church’s prayer partners when they log in. Also, instantly emailing the posted prayer requests to all of your church’s prayer partners is a convenient option.

In addition, when posting a prayer request for your church to view, you have an option for the same post to appear on a Global Prayer Wall. All posts to the Global Prayer Wall may be viewed by the prayer partners at other churches. Church prayer partners are linked together through the PrayerLink program’s network of participating Christian churches.

Bonus: Get a FREE Manual for your church
How to set up and organize a church-wide Prayer Ministry
View, login, and test our demo program.

Sign-up as a “First-time Prayer Partner” Once you have registered, then using the username and password you’ve set up, login and post a prayer request or praise report – look it over and see how it works.

Scan with your cell phone, or click the URL link above, to view and save the program to your phones home screen.